Edu Empire Pvt Ltd. Case Study

Edu Empire Pvt Ltd. Case Study

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Edu Empire is one of the renowned coaching institutes of Pune. Dr. Nitesh Ghodke is the founder of this prestigious Institution. They are one of the trusted tuition centers for students from class 8-12, for all Boards. They started with the mission to provide quality education to all the students including the underprivileged one.Edu Empire Pvt. Ltd. has been able to make their presence in the digital world by launching their website and creating their presence in all the social media platform.

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To concentrate more on the website design and the UI&UX part Due to lack of good content provided, we had to focus on content marketing part for the new website. The website needed to be mobile friendly. The bio and description in all the social media platform was not upto the mark and a proper flow was missing. Knowing what content to publish in the website to engage more customers.


We have done a thorough competitor analysis. The content to be published was planned properly according to the targeted audience. We have setup a proper Content Strategy related to the business module and incorporating awareness and advantage related content in the website. To make the website secured so that it could be easily searched through voice message. The design of the website was made according to the user’s perspective and making it user friendly for both mobile and desktop.


Due to the content, the engagement rate in the website also increased. The website was responsive to all devices, for which the users increased as most of the students haunt from their mobile phones. Due to good UI & UX we started ranking in the search engine results also. The site is very friendly for users to navigate.

0.09% CTR

20% less CPA

272% ROI

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