DSKIC-Social Media Case Study

DSKIC-Social Media Case Study

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D.S.Kulkarni International Campus (DSKIC) is a joint-venture between DSK Group and RUBIKA (France). It is the India’s first and largest international educational campus offering 5 year of professional courses in the thriving fields of Animation, Video Game and Industrial Design.

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Knowing that there are already well established institutes in the space, we knew that there needs to be an engaging and informative content for attracting the student’s attention. It was a 5 year master course.


A persona matrix was formulated to understand the behavior of the target audience. Students interested in Design are very particular about the information published. They were more keen on understanding the details about the course, the faculty members and the facilities offered.


We have recieved 54,374 likes on the page, 36,734 of total reach who have seen our content from this campaign. 10,956 clicks through this campaign. 115 inquiries have been generated through this campaign.
0.09% CTR
20% less CPA
50% ROI

From The Client

Yashus have given us an extraordinary service within 3 months. Our website is ranking on Google on the first page. Our online admissions have increased by 87%. Only with the help of Yashus we are achieving our target so easily.
Mr. Shyam Singh

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