Digital Marketing For Educational Institutes

One of the main challenges faced by educational institutions is to find innovative and unique ways to cater to a different audience each year. Most big institutions ensure that they meet their student quota by their reputation alone. What about new educational institutes that have the goods, but are not as well known in the industry? They have to rely on marketing activities to entice students to join their courses. Budgetary constraints would have restricted them in the past, but with the advent of digital marketing it has become easier to get in touch with prospective students. Digital Marketing is certainly of interest of educational institutes of all sizes. Yashus has worked with several prominent educational institutes in Pune to help establish them as the best of the bunch. Our creative digital marketing solutions bring about a shift to the traditional marketing methods of old. If you would like to feature in the minds of prospective students, get in touch today.

It’s not only prospective students who have become internet savvy but their parents as well. Instead of going on hearsay and past performance, more and more students are focusing on online results as a metric of selection process. Digital Marketing is therefore crucial for all educational institutes that are looking to make a positive impact on students’ lives. It is not only important to have the relevant internet presence; it’s also relevant to maintain them correctly. Understanding the buyer persona, working towards engaging them and selling them on the institutes promise is the way to ensure that the educational institute will meet its targets. Yashus’ exemplary track record of working with educational institutions gives us an edge over understanding the business culture and the customer’s online behaviour.

  • Online Reputation Management
  • Educational Institute Review Management
  • Email Marketing Efforts to Prospective Students
  • SEO and SEM Efforts to have better visibility for the right keywords
  • Audience Targeted Marketing Measures to reach the right customer at the right time
  • Using social stimulus to enhance relationship with customers
  • Website and Other online platforms to stay connected with your audience
  • Creating thought leadership with our excellent content team