Lupin-Social Media Case Study

Lupin-Social Media Case Study

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Lupin Ltd a leader pharmaceutical sector contacted us to conduct social media training for their Doctors across India. They wanted to help their doctor by showcasing the strengths of Social media in today’s digital age.

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Hospital are more of a localised businesses with limited scope of target audience.Social Media in Healthcare How can healthcare providers take advantage of social media marketing?


Yashus came up with tailored made theory & practical sessions for the Doctors .Two trainers have present & guided Doctors personally on their doubts .We have created google group, through which we delivered study material, case studies & news. We connect presentation material along marketing theory & explained them from layman context.We have shown actual accounts of our clients and operational methodology.


Covered 7 workshops across India.Trained 350 Doctors across different location in India .Active participation from Senior as well as young Doctors community.

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20% COA

72% ROI

From The Client

The Lupin Limited Team offers its sincere appreciation to Yashus for conducting the social media session for practicing physicians, which helped them to understand the medium.We covered 7 workshop across India and also trained 350 doctors. While staying well within the purview of the regulation set by MCI. We have tried this kind of any initiative for the first time and have experienced great success in the programme to help the doctors to reach the masses in the most innovative way, as social media can produce great ROI.
Mrs. Ketaki

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