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We are a digital marketing agency, with unmatched content marketing expertise. Our expert in-house team of digital marketers, developers, graphic designers, and content specialists love to generate creative content that is not only engaging, but also achieves your business goals with ease. We produce content and strategies for a multitude of businesses across various industries of all sizes.
The Content Crafted By Our Team :
  • Engages customers and builds trust and credibility
  • Improves customer experience
  • Supports SEO strategies
  • Generates more qualified leads and enquiries

Content Marketing Company

Content marketing refers to the process of creating online content, including images, info graph, podcasts, videos, and blogs, with an intention to promote a product in a passive fashion. Although promotions are necessary for a business to grow, hard marketing practices like Facebook Marketing can sometimes push back the prospects, which can have adverse effects on your brand and business.
A content marketing company, on the other hand, helps you focus on providing value to the viewers, along with maintaining a small association with the brand, to introduce to the viewers with a brand or product in a passive, non-pushy fashion. Content marketing is presently one of the most popular marketing strategies and is adopted by all the major brands and websites.

Content Writing Company

Content writing refers to writing blogs, articles, and copies that focus on providing information or entertaining readers. A successful marketing strategy involves engagement, and high-quality content is the best way to generate interest and promote engagement among website visitors.
However, as mentioned above, most website owners fail to strike a perfect balance between providing value and utilizing keywords, which results in either keyword-spammed content or high-quality content that does not rank.
An experienced content writing company can help with effective content writing by enabling website owners to strike an ideal balance between value and keyword optimization.

Content Writing Services

Content writing services include services that are associated with writing blogs, articles, press releases, video scripts, landing page content, and ad copies for a brand or website. Brands need to engage with their prospects and customers, and there is no better way to do so than putting out content that either entertains the audience or adds value to their lives.

Blog Writing

When it comes to content writing, blog writing is by far the most popular technique to put out content that fulfills all the purpose of content marketing. A blog structure is typically divided into three types:

  • Response Post: Response post is a blog post of 1000-1500 words which provides an answer to a specific question. Eg: How Can Content Marketing Help In Driving More Traffic?
  • Pillar Post: A pillar post is a blog post of 3000-5000 words that provides in-detail information about a broad topic. Eg: A Detailed Guide to SEO.
  • Staple Post: A staple post is a blog post of 2000-3000 words and provides a detailed explanation of a specific topic. Eg: A Detailed Guide to Content Marketing.

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Yashus Digital Marketing is a professional and efficient partner. They have the expertise to apply unique marketing strategies for constructive solutions. Their proactiveness and respect for KPIs resulted in a positive outcome for my brand.
Sujit Godke
Sujit Godke
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Yashus feels like our extended team. Their digital processes are great, which helps our organization understand the strategies created by them. The process is transparent and tangible, and I knew exactly what I was getting.
 Seema Seth
Seema Seth
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Content marketing in digital marketing

Content marketing is an effective marketing strategy that enables website owners and brands to promote their brand passively without being too pushy or direct with their marketing efforts. Although content is the best medium to provide value to the audience, it is essential to strike a suitable balance between promotion and value, which can be a tedious task for many business owners.
However, reputed content writing services can help you with identifying this balance and creating high-quality and profitable content for your business.