Propbuying-SEO Case Study

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Propbuying-SEO Case Study

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Propbuying is a company which is a set of real estate experts and professionals with a mission to make property-dealing a delightful, personal and smooth experience. Propbuying is property-dealing rethought, redesigned and reinvented.

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Increasing the brand awareness of the business by providing fresh content for the website, Increasing the organic visibility in Pune related to real Estate.


The communication was designed to make people find the information about upcoming properties in Pune. A thorough audience research was done and their online behaviour was tracked as this helped us to focus on the basic information that the people were looking for online.


Over 10,000 visitors have visited the website and discovered the property buying in Pune with in 6 months.Traffic objective for initial campaign period (July 2015 – Nov 2015) exceeded by over 100%. Their website has started ranking for the real estate search terms/queries.
0.09% CTR
20% less CPA
70% ROI

From The Client

We have been working with Yashus for last 2 years and we found them highly professional. I consider them as a partner rather then as an agency.
Mr. Udayan Mane

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