Apex Consultancy Social Media Case Study

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Apex Consultancy Social Media Case Study

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Apex Consultancy Company Profile

Apex Consultancy is a leading Engineering and Educational Training Services, Construction, Real Estate and RCC Design Company based in Pune. An integrated module of services is being offered at Apex Consultancy for people wanting to redefine their Careers.

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  • Increase the reach of the organic posts or give their brand campaigns a boost by adding social to your strategy.
  • Drive traffic to the website
  • Help generate qualified leads
  • The market is still continually growing and evolving, with better ways to target users and more enticing ways to place your ad in front of the right audience.
  • Need to boost sales and lead generation efforts


  • Created social media strategy by adding attractive and engaging posts to their social media pages
  • Launched optimized campaigns that targeted specific locations
  • Performed weekly user experience and campaign performance analysis
  • Created posts from 360 degree angle regarding the content


  • Effectively managed the organic promotion on Social Media 
  • Drove 15 admission through social media in a month 
  • Drove 1265 people to the website in a month 
  • Companies approached the client for recruiting their students
1265 Visitors
15 Admissions
200 Clicks

From The Client

A key performance driven agency with a knack for providing results at the most efficient ROI. Our campaign was targeted to the B2C sector and they handled the marketing channels absolutely admirably.
Prashant Patil

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