Hubmatrix-Linkedin Case Study

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Hubmatrix-Linkedin Case Study

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Hubmatrix Company Profile

Hubmatrix is an IT company that develop products focused on data gathering, modeling & analysis of data giving critical business inputs to improve efficiency, reduce cost and manpower dependency.

The founders of Hubmatrix are specialized in the field of facility management, utility risk management, manpower and automation services with data analytics. Providing business intelligence is very limited which motivated Hubmatrix to launch this company.

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Brand Awareness benefits for companies that are into facility management with huge number of human resource. Contact key stakeholders of specific companies in order to drive consideration for facility management solutions and Human resource solution.


Created a list of all the prospective companies that needs to be targeted.


We managed to generate 65 leads organically. We got connected to more than 550 professionals from Pune. 12 b2b proposal have closed. The current customer have given testimonials & shared 14 referrals.
0.09% CTR
20% less CPA
30% ROI

From The Client

Yashus proposed LinkedIn organic lead generation to an unique way of connecting to the prospective customers and showcasing your product strengths. I got 65 Organic leads and got connected by 1950 professionals as well as I got 12 B2B proposal with the help of Yashus.
Mr. Parag

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