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PET Scan SEM Case Study

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PET CT Scan Mumbai provides the best quality patient care possible. They offer the latest PET/CT fusion scanning medical imaging services with the most experienced PET reading physicians in Mumbai, India.

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  • They wanted to promote a new program of acquiring patients as per the CT Scan Centers in Mumbai.
  • Our job was to drive qualified leads from the PPC campaign.


  • We understood how their customers looked like.
  • Keyword Research focused on both services offered as well as ideal customers.
  • Created Campaign on the basis of COA (Cost of Acquisition).
  • Created a strategy as per their business orientation.
  • Terms targeted varied from the very broad to the very niche. As we started to rank for more niche keywords, our broader keyword rankings improved.
  • We used every extension available to us in Ad Words, with us also putting in place a tailored re-marketing strategy.


  • From 0.25% conversion to 12.5% conversion rate evolution.
  • 100% Increase in goal completions per month.
  • 67% increase in session duration.
  • PET Scan has received the revenue of Rs 6 lakhs in 2 months through Paid Ads.
12.5% Conversion Rate
6 Lakhs in 2 months
67% Session

From The Client

Yashus brought us 100 Leads through Contact Form which results in 50% conversion rate to the business. Their strategy was very unique which resulted in improvement to the Business ROI
Dr Alok Dixit

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