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PET Scan Website Case Study

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PET CT Scan Mumbai provides the best quality patient care possible. They offer the latest PET/CT fusion scanning medical imaging services with the most experienced PET reading physicians in Mumbai, India.

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  • To have a very clear to the point communication.
  • To capture leads for the business.
  • Absence of Digital Presence.
  • Lack of business voice and image.


  • We developed the website on WordPress, this enabled the site for easy content management.
  • We have developed Idea to Business.
  • Website was developed as per the customer acquisition.
  • As with all of our sites it was important to develop the website to look just as good on mobile as it does on desktop, making it fully responsive.
  • User interface was developed which has helped the customer to easily navigate.


  • Client has received 3,844 Page Views within 3 months.
  • Client has gained 100 leads through Contact Form present on the website.
  • 50% of the conversions has taken place through website.
  • They occupied 30% of the online market share.
3844 Page Views
50% Conversion
30% Market Share

From The Client

Yashus brought us 100 Leads through Contact Form which results in 50% conversion rate to the business. Their strategy was very unique which resulted in improvement to the Business ROI
Dr Alok Dixit

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