Propbuying-Social Media Case Study

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Propbuying-Social Media Case Study

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Propbuying Company Profile

Propbuying is a forward think real estate agency in Pune. Where they believe in simplifying the property buying process, tied up with more than 50 premium builders across Pune. Propbuying is known as the best real estate agency in Pune. Being at the forefront of innovation and technology Propbuying uses integrated digital marketing to promote its brand and acquire customers online.

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House buying is a high involvement product, and this decision to buy a house is a collective decision after consulting the family members. Lot of people don’t trust real estate agents and have had bad experiences with them.Why Buy Through To show case as a industry expert To target only Pune market.


Make a well thought Social media Plan to promote the brand Propbuying Brand A monthly Plan was scheduled to try and increase the engagement with the target audience Build blogs on trending topics and creating awareness of “How to?” for various real estate concerns and showcase the expertise of Propbuying.


During this campaign the Propbuying Facebook page got a total likes of over 1500 and an equal no. of followers were achieved.List of 150 verified master influencers across social media channel an engaging campaign was started which increase the facebook fan base by over 2200%.
10% Leads Conversion From Social Media
27% Rise in Website Traffic
119% ROI

From The Client

We Have been working with Yashus for the past 2 years and we found them highly professional. I consider them as a partner rather than as an agency.With in 6 months we got 10,000 visits to the to discover property buying. Traffic objective for the campaign exceeds 100%. Our organic visibility increases and we got the queries in a variety of Real Estate in Pune. The success rate we achieved just because of yashus.
Mr. Udyan Mane

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