Pune Tours-SEO Case Study

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Pune Tours-SEO Case Study

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Pune Tours Company Profile

Pune Tours was established a decade ago by Mr. Sujit Ghodke. They provide corporate cars for rent, luxury cars, economical cars, airport pick up and drop service. One of leading and trusted car rental service of Pune, Maharashtra. Pune Tours is a pioneer in this industry and specializes in renting of TATA Winger. Pune Tours has been able to reach a wide group of people by optimizing digital marketing. After their SEO optimization, a lot of traffic has come up to their website.

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The UI & UX, website mobile friendliness, on-page content of the website was not optimal which resulted into high bounce rate.


We analyzed and audited the performance of the web property. The design of the website was adjusted to enhance the interface and usability. We created a Content Strategy related to the business and incorporated real life events in the content section. The On page and Off Page optimization was done with proper planning and eventually began to produce some positive results.


More than 2000 unique visitors have visited on their website for "winger and car rental in pune" related keywords. PuneTours began to rank in the search engine result pages. The Yearly traffic of the website has been increased by 25%. There was a overall increase in the page views and decrease in bounce rate.
0.09% CTR
20% less CPA
50% ROI

From The Client

We worked with the Yashus team a few years back. They provided us with consultancy on Digital Marketing aspects of our business. The really helped us establish our business using the latest trends in Digital. To me, they are definitely a perfect 10 digital marketing agency in Pune.
Mr. Sujit Ghodke

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