Supply Depot-Website Case Study

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Supply Depot-Website Case Study

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Supply Depot Company Profile

Supply Depot is a US based E-commerce website in providing printing cartridge online suppliers. The company’s most important digital property – their flagship website – is visited annually by over 2.5 million users with over 10 million page views. The company had not upgraded the website for a very long time which resulted in high page load speed, the site was not mobile friendly.

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They were not able to enable the website on all mobile devices. Migrate the flagship website from existing platform to a more sustainable solution.


We have worked in three phases: tested the new site on server, launched the new site and measured its impact and success.


All the new pages on the website was successfully indexed and submitted in the Sitema. All the redirections were 301 redirects. The ranking of the website has improved on SERP. Site performance was improved due to the launch of new website.
0.09% CTR
20% less CPA
50% ROI

From The Client

Yashus did a really excellent job by enhancing our E-commerce website along with the organic ranking. We have started ranking for branded and non-branded keywords. After migration of the website we have observed that the search traffic has been increased by 9% and generated 1,42,512 visitors through website migration.
Mr. Ritesh

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