Deshaa Nandii Social Media Marketing Case Study


Deshaa Nandii Social Media Marketing Case Study

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Deshaa Nandi Profile

Deshaa Nandii is a renowned theatre persona from Kolkata. She has worked in a number of Bengali plays, movies and a Tamil movie as well. She has done modelling assignments for eminent brands such as Godrej. She is also an amazing Kathak dancer and acting is in her blood since she is the granddaughter of the well-known veteran actress Kanan Devi. She now aims to enter Bollywood but she did not have a strong social media presence to create a network and let her fans know about her numerous talents. Since we were not selling any services or products, it was all about branding and online presence. Therefore Yashus had to come up with a robust, effective social media strategy.

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  • Deeshaa Nandii had done a lot of brilliant work in her field and was a wonderful actress and dancer, but she was only well known in her area, we had to make other people aware about her talents.
  • Her social media profiles had very few followers and were not as impressive and engaging as they should have been.
  • She had very few photos on her existing profiles, most of which were personal, and there were very few photos about her modelling or acting career.
  • There was nothing to sell here. It was just about branding our client as a credible artist and helping her reach out to more people and therefore we had to come up with strong creative posts.


  • We targeted the most influential social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • We re-created our client’s social media profile, by changing her personal profile photos to those of her modelling shoot and acting photos. This helped to elevate her profile and make it more engaging.
  • We came up with a detailed social media calendar which had creative posts with Deshaa Nandii’s theatre performance photos, modelling shoots and dancing videos. The posts were created in such a way that Deshaa Nandii was addressing her fans and talking to them directly.
  • Due to the consistent posting, people became aware about the actress Deshaa Nandii and they began to recognise her as a reputed artist.


  • We managed to generate 1100 followers on our client’s Facebook fan page in a month.
  • More than 100 people started following her Instagram page and reacting to her daily posts.
  • Deshaa Nandii had zero followers on Twitter when we began to create her social media profiles. We managed to engage close to 80 followers on Twitter in less than a month.
35% Conversions
8 Lakhs in 2 months
24% Conversions for Treatment

From The Client

I have closely observed the Yashus’ teams working methodology, passion and knowledge for digital marketing. Their creative designers and content team put together brilliant posts to help make my social media platforms attractive and engaging. I received a lot of appreciation for my talents and I am truly grateful to Yashus for helping me increase my social media presence and spread my network. Big thumbs up to their skilled expertise and meticulous execution.
Deshaa Nandi

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