Global Star Surrogacy-Adword Case Study

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Global Star Surrogacy-Adword Case Study

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Global Star Surrogacy Company Profile

Global Star Surrogacy is an international surrogacy agency offering surrogacy services in countries like US, UK, Georgia, and Canada. They are a world-renowned surrogacy agency providing high standard surrogacy services to intended parents. Their core belief lies in spreading the joy of parenthood.

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The sales rate of the business had decreased due to lack of brand awareness and online visibility.


To keep the biding low initially and then optimize the bidding strategy on those keywords which are giving more results.


Increase in the CTR and lead generation by 10%
0.09% CTR
20% less CPA
30% ROI

From The Client

Surrogacy is really a sensitive topic to work on. Yashus has successfully handled our project and created a brand awareness in social media channels. We have also received the online visibility through SEO in SERP.

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