Pune East SEM Case Study

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Pune East SEM Case Study

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Pune East is an official channel partner for leading property developers in Pune. They are a team of top property advisors in Pune, working with the best real estate developers in east of Pune.

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  • To generate qualified leads through paid ads in targeted COA (cost per acquisition)
  • To get higher positions
  • Get better CTR


  • We came up with an attractive & informative landing page which had the information that was crisp 
  • The account was split into significant campaigns that targeted specific demographics
  • Ad Groups were built within each specific campaign. And targeted ads were written for specific audiences within each group.


  • On an average we have generated 300 leads per month for the client’s website
  • We got a higher CTR which reduced our CPC
  • Cost of Acquisition was down to 23%
  • Generated 15% site visits from this campaign
23% COA
300 Leads
15% Visitors

From The Client

I must really commend the Yashus Digital Marketing team for the great work they did with Pune East. They really took the time to understand our business and partnered with us on this journey. Loved their professional attitude.
Prashant Lande

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