Ambitus-Lead Generation Case Study

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Ambitus-Lead Generation Case Study

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Ambitus Realtors and Advisors Pvt. Ltd is a professional service and investment management firm offering specialized Real Estate solutions.

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Since it was a sole selling project acquired by Ambitus for Nirmaan thus they had a strict deadline for creating landing pages on the website.


To create the landing pages so as to capture all the leads for the new campaign.


Very compelling creatives were used so as to attract more audience. Adwords and Facebook campaigns were created in order to target the specific audience so as to increase the conversion rate.
0.09% CTR
20% less CPA
70% ROI

From The Client

The experience and enthusiasm brought forward by the digital marketing team at Yashus really helped us when we were first working on our Digital Marketing plan for branding and marketing strategy. We were able to establish an optimum online sales funnel for our business using their help.
Narendra Prasad

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