Lisa Home Solution-SEO Case Study

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Lisa Home Solution-SEO Case Study

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Lisa Home Solution Company Profile

Lisa Home Solutions is an NRI property maintenance services and rental property management services by real estate consultants in Pune. Dedicated to offering excellence in property management. They take care of the entire property maintenance of your property right from collecting the rent from the tenants to any repairs in the property.

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To educate the people about this service offering. To improve Lisa Home Solution’s ranking in the SERP for property management and rental properties. To drive more visitors for completing the sales inquiries. To generate more qualified leads from SEO activity. Target only NRI’s with property in Pune. Location restricted only to Pune.


Yashus started building on the proposition on the concept of Lisa home solutions that they make rental income simple and take away all the worries of maintaining the property. Competitor analysis and understand the digital footprints online. A rigorous keyword research was done and presented to the client to generate content around these keywords.


Over 1500 clicks received in the first quarter of operations. Started ranking for more than 35 words on Google top page. The traffic has increased by 100% in the first 6 months. Generated 135 leads within the first 3 months. Achieved 20 closures monthly for property maintenance and rental.
0.09% CTR
20% less CPA
30% ROI

From The Client

initially we were not receiving that much conversion but after taking the SEO Service of Yashus, the organic lead had increased up to 30%. SEO service provided by the Yashus gave us so much profit.
Mr. Ratnesh

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