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Dr Sharma SEO Case Study

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Dr. Sunil Sharma, MD FACS is one of the pioneers of Robotic and Bariatric Surgery, with the experience of more than 20 years. With his innovative techniques in cutting edge minimal invasive surgery has helped thousands of patients to recover faster with minimal pain and best outcome.

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  • No organic presence for the doctor.
  • They were not able to rank for local searches.
  • Lack of Local SEO strategy.


  • Our team did a thorough research on the keywords.
  • Various strategies for the on-page and off-page were executed.
  • We understand that content is the king so we published differentiating articles and content to avoid in-house competition.
  • Using the keywords groups we build our content to build authority to the site.


  • The brand started ranking higher in the search engines for the commercial keywords.
  • The rand saw a 64% increase in keywords ranked in position one, 83.9% increase in keywords ranked in position two, and a 97% increase in keywords ranked in position five through ten.
  • It also helped to reduce the bounce rate on the site.
64% Ranking
83.9% #1 Keyword Ranking
17% Bounce Rate reduced

From The Client

We wouldn't have reached the heights of success we have if it wasn't for the online marketing skills displayed by the team at Yashus. The leads we received were also great.
Dr Sunil Sharma

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