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Affiliate marketing refers to the process of promoting products or services of other companies and receiving a small commission per sale in return. Companies need affiliate marketing when their in-house marketing teams are not producing results, or they want to improve their global reach. However, finding the right affiliate programs and affiliates for generating guaranteed sales can be a hassle; therefore, you should seek professional affiliate marketing for financial services.
Our Affiliate Marketing Services :
  • Help you select the best network partner for your business
  • Choose the right technology providers to partner with
  • Identify quality partners and design the right affiliate programmes
  • Work a strategy that focuses on profit and steady growth

Affiliate Marketing Solutions

Affiliate marketing can be a major hassle if you want to use affiliate marketers to promote your products and services using paid ads, email marketing, etc. Some affiliate marketing solutions affiliate marketing companies offer are:

Strong Affiliate Network

There are millions of affiliates in the world right now, but less than one percent of them are worthy of your time and can drive sales. The primary hurdle companies face with affiliate marketing solutions is finding good affiliates. However, experienced affiliate companies can help you find the best affiliates in your niche, making sure you create a strong affiliate network.

Increased Sales

The primary purpose of affiliate marketing services is to increase sales and conversions. Creating a strong network of affiliates enables you to reach out to potential customers, which allows you to drive more sales and increased profits.

Increased Reputation

The primary issue with affiliate marketing services is to let unreliable affiliates promote your products. These affiliates spam their affiliate links in all forums and comments, which not only leads them to face suspension but deteriorates the reputation of your brand as well.
However, the best affiliate companies help you with finding trustworthy affiliates, which not only increase your profits but promote your products and services on the right platforms, which add to your brand reputation as well.

Increased Customer Engagement

A strong brand reputation attracts more customers, which leads to increased customer engagement. If customers engage with your brand, they are more likely to purchase from you, which makes your affiliate marketing campaign more profitable and rewarding.

  • Building Relationships – Our well established relationships with trusted publishers across India, enables us to deliver fantastic ROIs across industries. This is blended with creative performance based strategies that take your brand exposure to the next level
  • Better Management – Our years of experience in Affiliate marketing have been able to put in place processes that check live campaigns and fine tune them, check for frauds, build support, and ensure high returns to clients.

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Our customers say

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We were successful in achieving our personal loan affiliate campaign with the help of team Yashus. They optimized the campaign, which helped us achieve a 135% increase in leads and 36% reduction in cost of acquisition.
Anant Bhardwaj
Anant Bhardwaj
Loans Hub
When it comes to real estate, customers are extremely conscious about purchasing property. Team Yashus acquired the best publishers to promote our campaign and achieved a 52% rise in qualified leads.
Mr Prashant Lande
Mr Prashant Lande
PropMart Pvt Ltd

Affiliate Marketing Services provided by us

An affiliate marketing company provides a platform for creating affiliate offers and finding affiliates for promoting your products. An affiliate marketing company acts as a broker that takes a small commission on every successful sale. Affiliate companies provide various tools and techniques to promote your products and also help you find profitable affiliates.
However, with tons of affiliate companies in the market, finding one that is best for your business can be a hustle. Therefore, it is essential to seek affiliate marketing services that not only help you with listing your products but make sure you don’t compromise on offering too much commission as well.

The Bottom Line

Affiliate marketing is a popular marketing technique, and a preferred business model for many as well. However, finding the best affiliate marketers can be a tedious task, mainly because of the saturation in the affiliate marketing space. 

Affiliate marketing agencies have years of experience and expertise in establishing several affiliate connections and can help you in recognizing the best platforms, along with the best affiliate platforms. But, it is essential to accept the fact that affiliate marketing cannot be your primary business model, and you should use it alongside other robust marketing strategies.