Supply Depot-SEO Case Study

Supply Depot-SEO Case Study

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Supply Depot Company Profile

Supply Depot is an e-commerce website based out of US and is one of the leading printing cartridge online suppliers. The company’s most important digital property – their flagship website – is visited annually by over 2.5 million users with over 10 million page views. The company had not upgraded the website for a very long time and had issues like longer download time, the site was not mobile responsive. As with all highly visible projects of this scale – the migration of over 1100 pages – risk mitigation was critical to ensure a successful go-live

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To build a responsive website focused on conversion and to direct visitors .To build the site on a new CMS which is simple for the existing marketing team to use


We worked with Supply Depot team to understand their proposition and what makes them unique in the marketplace.We understood where the traffic comes from, like price comparison sites, sites showing any offers.The site was developed keeping in mind importance of the content and the navigation.The focus was to target non branded keywords


Even though the website was migrating we saw the traffic increase by 9%, in a period where it would normally drop.Generating 1,42,512 visits from the SEO activity.The optimisation of the website content also saw a boost in the social media conversion ration.Saw a 36% increase in non-brand revenue post SEO execution.

0.09% CTR

20% less CPA

272% ROI

From The Client

Yashus did a really excellent job by enhancing our Ecommerce web Portal presence and our organic ranking.we were able to rank on branded keyword also on the non branded keyword.After migration of our website the search traffic increased by 9% and generated 1,42,512 visits by the seo activity,36% increase in non brand revenue post execution.with the help of yashus seo service it also boosted our social channels.
Mr. Ritesh

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