E-shabdkosh-Website Case Study

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E-shabdkosh-Website Case Study

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aE-Shabdakosh is an online dictionary that provides translation services to many of the Indian languages.

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Embedding such a huge number of words with the website was very challenging.


We build a robust database that could manage the data and also seamlessly transfer the data to the new database


Our strategies have resulted high amount of Organic traffic, leads, social followers, engagement rates, email open rates. ROI of the client's business has increased.
30% Increase in all over traffic
50% of increase in Revenue
Page load speed improve

From The Client

It was wonderful working with Yashus, as they are very dedicated and hard working in terms of their client's business. They have always come up with the different strategies to be on the top of the digital competition.
Jonathan Simpson
H.R. Frank Exclusive American Club

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