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Snehal Oswal Website Case Study

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An illustrious director of dance and fashion, and a popular fitness trainer, I eat, sleep, and breathe glamour. Right from dance, grooming, styling, and more with everything needed to make it big in the industry. Get set for a journey of a lifetime!

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  • No Online Visibility
  • Absence of customer engagement and interaction with the business.
  • Establish trust and authority through strong content strategy.
  • Ensure site architecture and navigation enable easy browsing and a friction less experience.
  • Drive visitor-to-contact conversions through content strategy and UX design.
  • Create navigation and content relationships between Blog, Coaching, and Tools sections.
  • Implement a fully responsive website in WordPress CMS.


  • In order for the site to properly converse and spread important information to all of the appropriate audiences in a clear, effective way, the site’s architecture and navigational system needed to be set right.
  • To ensure that the website met the client’s specific brand standards, the design needed a contemporary design elements and photography to stay unique and engaging.
  • We employed dynamic website to create a robust, intuitive administrative backend to allow authorized users to easily update the website’s content.


  • 50% increase in appointment booking
  • 44% increase in page views
  • 21% decrease in bounce rate
44% Page Views
50% Booking
21% Bounce Rate Reduced

From The Client

What impresses me most about the work done by Yashus for Snehal Oswal is the clarity of thought they bring to the digital marketing process. The process flow, reporting, analytics, and execution has always been at a 100% level. Their in-depth knowledge of all things digital has been of great help to our affiliate marketing efforts.
Snehal Oswal

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